Why an MLS?

The Value of an MLS Degree

High-skill industries like entertainment, energy, health care, international business and technology are growing exponentially in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. The Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS)‌ degree is an innovative new program that allows students to customize their curriculum or pursue one of six specializations: Business LawCriminal Justice, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property Law and International Business Law. The degree provides working professionals and lifelong learners with the legal skills and training needed to leverage the new economy’s complex challenges.

How Loyola’s MLS Program Can Help Professionals Turn New Challenges into Opportunities

Challenge: Fewer than 10 years ago, California committed to reducing its carbon foot print. This commitment has paid off in the form of clean air and rapid job growth in new fields. 

MLS Opportunity: Available classes like Green Energy Project Development & Finance will address legal issues and business considerations relating to the development, construction, operation and financing of renewable energy technologies and projects.

Challenge: The number of U.S.-based investments in South Korean companies doubled from 2012 to 2014, with the sum rising from $8 million to nearly $600 million as several of them moved their offices to the Los Angeles area.  

MLS Opportunity: MLS courses like International Business Transactions and Trade address the unique issues faced in this field. The MLS Specializations in Corporate Law and International Business Law will provide a framework for understanding how to maximize the potential of foreign investment in the U.S.

Challenge: A report by the Kyser Center for Economic Research said that the health care industry in Southern California is going to see large gains in job growth to account for aging baby boomers and the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  Jobs in the pharmaceutical world and medical device manufacturing are also expected to swell. 

MLS Opportunity: The Health Care Law Course of Study will provide a road map for students navigating this rapidly changing field with courses on health care access, quality and cost.

Challenge: Los Angeles continues to dominate the world of entertainment in terms of job growth.From 2001 to 2013, the industry's total employee compensation grew by 22 percent.

MLS Opportunity: An MLS Specialization in Entertainment Law will give students access to the Loyola Entertainment Alumni Network (LEAN), one of the largest alumni networks in the world specifically focused on entertainment, media and intellectual property practitioners.

Challenge: Online piracy remains a multi-billion dollar industry.

MLS Opportunity: The MLS Specialization in Intellectual Property Law will help professionals understand trademark and copyright law to ensure their businesses will be sufficiently protected.